The National Silk Art Museum

Our Mission


The National Silk Art Museum is a world-class art museum.


The National Silk Art Museum promotes the understanding and appreciation of art to enhance the quality of life for the people of Missouri and its neighboring states through collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting outstanding works of visual art.


- We will maintain a regular schedule of exhibitions from the collection and outside sources, with the primary goal of presenting a “blockbuster” exhibition.


* The museum will fund and mount three outside exhibitions a year, presenting outstanding art and research.

* The museum will share the knowledge revealed in exhibitions.

* The museum will present accompanying interpretive materials and programs for each exhibition, and aggressively market exhibitions and programs to the community.

Success Indicators

* Exhibitions receive good attendance and critical acclaim in regional press.

- We will aggressively develop and preserve an outstanding art collection and art library.


* The museum will develop a strategy to expand and strengthen our ties with international collectors.

* The museum will attract gifts of significant works of art.

* The museum library will attract gifts of reference books.

* The museum will increase membership.

* The museum will increase resources for collection, conservation, matting and framing.

Success Indicators

* Curator and Assistant Curator build relationships with art collectors each year, adding three new contacts annually.

* Museum receives significant new acquisitions/loans each year, and builds list of promised gifts.

* Museum makes major purchase every three years.

* Museum is awarded grants.

- We will increase the impact of The National Silk Art Museum in the community and the state, serving our mission of improving the quality of life for the people of Missouri.


* The museum will survey and develop its audience, and develop programming and marketing strategies to attract new visitors and members.

* The museum will increase its involvement and partnerships within the community and expand community advocacy.

* The museum will increase its educational impact through out reach, increased library size and website development.

* Increase annual tour bus activity from 75 buses to 100 annually.

Success Indicators

* Complete website by winter 2009.-COMPLETED

* Develop and institute corporate membership/workplace program by 2020.

* Increase visitation and membership by winter 2015.-COMPLETED

- Address the deficiency of facility.

Success Indicators

* The museum will fund raise for the development of a new facility for implementation by 2013. COMPLETED

Success Indicators

- Publish a museum textbook with a survey of the contents of the Gallery, together with biographical sketches of the famous artists works that were depicted in silk along with the loom to computer historical storyline.


* Textbook to be published by 2020.

Success Indicators

* Published.

- Congressional sanctioning of the word “National” in museum title.


* Sanctioned by 2020.

Success Indicators

* Sanctioned.

- We will develop and implement a plan to financially support the stated goals.


* The museum will implement a development plan to increase support for exhibitions and programs.

* The museum will increase membership and earned income.

Success Indicators

* The museum will implement the development plan to increase support for exhibitions, and programs from foundations, corporations and local sponsors.

* The museum will increase membership and earned income revenues by 15% annually.

* Exhibition and education support remains strong; income stream increases.

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